10 Qualities Possessed By Top Performers

There are many different ways to qualify someone as a good job seeker. Many hiring managers have asked what the key differences are between a good job seeker and a great job seeker. There are a variety of ways to assess talent throughout the staffing process and it varies based on industry and expertise. However, there are universal qualities that exist in all ‘top talent’. Below are the ten qualities to look for in a job seeker when making your next hire.

1. Resilient

They have an “I get knocked down and I get up again” spirit about them. Resiliency is the key to everyone’s success in their career and personal life.

2. Self-aware

They are genuinely interested in who they are and how they are perceived. They have the emotional intelligence to understand how to interact with a wide audience. They communicate effectively.

3. Humble

They walk the empathetic path. They are gracious and modest in their wins and successes.

4. Confident

Confidence is not arrogance they know their worth and value but do not have a false or inflated sense of self.

5. Passionate

They are full of energy, have a zest for life and what they do. They give 100% because they are living a worthy life in integrity.

6. Driven

They have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. They regularly set goals and achieve them.

7. Intelligent

They have a healthy active mind, are wildly curious and seek knowledge and growth in all areas of their lives. They solve problems, they do not create them.

8. Resourceful

Resourceful people understand that knowledge is power and taking initiative is imperative to getting the job done. If they don’t know the answer they will find it!

9. Innovative

They are actively creating ways to do their job better, work more efficiently and are creative in their problem solving.

10. Coachable

They are actively looking to grow and seeking mentorship internally and externally of the organization they work in. They welcome and want feedback. They listen to feedback and use it constructively. They know that there is no winning in the game of growth.

If you are an employer take the time to consider if your next potential hire or current employees exhibit these qualities. If you are a job seeker seeking employment ask yourself, do I embody these qualities?