Why You Made A ‘Bad’ Hire

The answer is simple…choice! Not that you made the wrong choice rather that you did not have a big enough job seeker pool to choose from. You were thinking about the best of the five in front of you rather than the best five in the market that you could be choosing from.

Here are five ways to mitigate the risk of making another ‘bad’ hire:

Create a brand that attracts top talent.

The saying “great minds think alike” is incredibly true. If you want to attract a certain kind of talent or particular type of person your vision and mission must be aligned.


Use reputable job boards (LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster). They are an easy way to see the active job seekers in the market.

Work with a recruiter!

Great recruiters know what’s going on in the market, they know the top talent and where they may even be hiding. They know about the passive job seekers and they know about the job seekers that are ready to jump ship that don’t know you are hiring! They also know how to attract talent to you. Let your recruiter do what your brand cannot do and have a voice for you in the market. Want to know the best part? If you find a job seeker on your own that is better then there’s is, there is no fee. All that work and insight was free.

Ask your team for referrals.

Simple. Great people know other great people.

Do your research.

In business perception is often reality (not right, not wrong, just is!) so you might want to do your research before you make your next hire. No one is perfect but having alignment in your culture is key to the success of any company.