The Talent Crisis?

It is challenging to hire exceptional talent, but this level of talent does exist, and your company can attract, recruit and develop exceptional individuals. Let’s focus on how we can overcome the challenges in hiring and developing top achievers.

There is no question that in robust markets talent seems to be in shortage especially if the boom is occurring in one particular sector like Canada’s technology sector. It’s not surprising that every SaaS company wants the same “top achiever” in the market. They want the talent that has ‘been there, done that’ and can easily do it again for their company. However, “top achievers” do not want to keep doing what they have done. They want to grow!  A different way to approach the race for top talent is to consider what the job seeker has not accomplished and offer that opportunity at your organization. Invest in your people as much as you want them to invest in you.

Five trends that are happening in the market that are solvable problems:

Millennial mindset

Many believe that millennials are entitled (and yes, some are). Focusing on how to motivate this generation is more productive than focusing on why the differences exist. Each individual gets up in the morning and gets to their employer on time for a reason. The question is why do your employees get out of bed? What drives them to succeed? What’s important to them? What is their individual purpose? Start asking these questions and you will see a shift in how they work for you and how you can better work for them to drive the results you want to see in your business.

Cost of living vs. income

This is a bigger challenge the more desirable the city. Employers realize that you get what you pay for and yes that means you must be creative and competitive with compensation packages. You can’t have Champagne taste on a beer budget (you can but you will likely be disappointed). Seeing each employee as a long-term investment in your business will ensure happier employees and smarter long-term hires.

Have an attractive, clear value proposition that solves a real problem

There are a lot of companies trying to solve problems and the best ones are solving them. Job seekers typically want to be a part of a company that prioritizes action.  That is, already solving an issue not dreaming about how to. Be clear about who you are, what you have to offer, where you are going and how you are solving real problems for your partners.

Activity drives results

Train your team members to be activity driven and to do activity-based work that produces results (money). Ensure that your compensation adequately represents the results you are seeking. Your sales people are not the only people in your organization that are incentive or money driven.

Empathetic leadership empowers

Be a leader that cares about your people and people will work harder for you. People often choose leaders first, companies second.